Report Writing

Duration: Foundation course 1 Day
Advanced course 3 Days

Course Overview

In this intensive, practical session, an expert trainer will show you how to produce effective business writing quickly, and get your documents to the top of the pile. You can apply the methods we teach to all areas of business: proposal writing, reports, letters and emails.

The trainer will also analyse one of your documents before the course, to show you which particular skills to focus on if you want to make the biggest impact.

Like all our courses, this one is highly practical. Our ultimate aim is not just to demonstrate new techniques, but to make sure you can apply what you learn to your own writing. After all, whether it’s your business-proposal writing or your letter writing you are looking to improve, it’s the end business result that counts.

Learner Outcomes

After the course the Participant should be able to:

  • Set a clear objective and build a logical structure
  • Get your key messages across by choosing an appropriate style
  • Establish and build rapport
  • Write in a way you keep readers reading
  • Make your writing more readable
  • Write confidently and clearly
  • Construct sound, clear sentences
  • Use punctuation logically and helpfully
  • Leave a positive last impression.
  • Recognise common negotiation tactics and how to deal with them

Course Venue

First Floor, Al- Zahra Building, Ghala, Sultanate of Oman.
Office 14

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Fax: +968 2202 6229
Office 14, 1st Floor, Al Zahra Building, Ghala,
P.O. Box 2069, Azaiba Sultanate of Oman.