General Business Skills for an Engineer

Course Overview

Duration: Foundation course 1 Day
Advanced course 3 Days

This course will cover an introduction to project management, business finance, time management, understanding your customer and the professional responsibilities of an engineer (specially tuned for FMF). The aim is to give you an overview of a number of different tools within a 1/3-day/s course, allowing better understanding and interaction with other areas of the business, making you more effective.

The course will cover the following areas:

  • Corporate structure and interaction – how the different departments fit together and interface
  • The ‘internal’ customer – how we all have customers who need the output of our work and how to find out and satisfy their needs for professional success
  • Basic business finance – how to set and manage a budget; taking responsibility for minimizing expenditure throughout the business
  • Time management principles – identifying and prioritizing important tasks over urgent tasks
  • Project management principles. Task scheduling, resource allocation
  • The role of the engineer in society – duties, responsibilities and professional conduct.

Learner Outcomes

After the course the Participant should:

  • Know how engineering fits into the organization structure along with the key deliverables and appropriate standards
  • Understand the responsibilities of an Engineer, professional code of conduct and business ethics
  • Understand project management principles: how to set up and plan a successful projects
  • Be able to manage his/her time more effectively through better priority setting
  • Understand the basics of finance – budgeting and cost control
  • Be able to use the appropriate communication medium to get your message over.

Class Venue

First Floor, Al- Zahra Building, Ghala, Sultanate of Oman.
Office 14

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Fax: +968 2202 6229
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