Culinary Management

Service Excellence

Students will explore the art of table service and the challenges faced by servers in the food service industry. This is a hands-on interactive course which will enable the student to sell a menu efficiently with a strong attention to detail. Different types of table service will be explored, demonstrated and ultimately performed with concentration on; table settings, table decor to suit menus, the proper selection and usage of cutlery and crockery and beverage service.

Food Facility Design

This course provides a study of various kitchen equipment and the maintenance requirements of each, in order to operate effectively. The student will also develop an appreciation for kitchen layout, design, and the process of building a kitchen.

Food Theory & Nutrition

This course introduces students to the study of various food groups and the diversity of factors surrounding food in today’s marketplace. Students will learn to understand the basic principles of food products in relation to texture, flavor and nutritional content in context with preparation procedures and application of cooking methods. This will assist the student to effectively manage the kitchen.

Sanitation & Safety

The course is designed to introduce the students to the basic knowledge of food borne diseases and their modes of transmission. Personal hygiene and preventive measures to control food borne illness are explained. The need for public health regulation compliance and civil defense fire & safety requirements will be discussed. Focus will be given to the proper sanitizing procedures of equipment, utensils and the proper scheduling in general maintenance and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point).

Menu Planning

This course will introduce students to basic menu planning and purchasing. Understand the history and purpose of the menu. The different styles of service and menu models will be offered to the student. The student will work collaboratively to develop and present a variety of food service menus, understanding and using seasonal, organic and local produce. The student will also develop menus that involve special dietary concerns. Students will be introduced to basic purchasing and receiving concepts, costing from industry invoices and follow through with basic recipe costing..

International Cuisine

This course will have an important role in understanding of modern and traditional cooking styles, involving cuisines. Students will develop their knowledge and skills in the planning of a project related to menus, recipes and creative presentations. This course is intended to give students a basic understanding of internationally recognized food preparation and a base for developing current menu concepts.

At the Stoves

This course enables the student to prepare, plate and present foods in a professional working kitchen. The emphasis of this course is to enable the student to deal with the pressure involved in a high volume, contemporary kitchen environment. Each student will work in various divisions of the kitchen brigade large quantity format. Using sustainable and as many locally produced products as possible.

Culinary Events Planning

In this course, students will learn about the processes involved in planning for a major dining event. Students will gain practical experience through the formulation, organization, marketing, costing, preparation and service of this event. This course will also help develop the skills needed for the students for the ‘Chef’s Table – big night challenge.

Food Beverage & Labour Cost Control

This course is designed to introduce the student to the techniques used in the control of food, beverage and labour costs. The student will be able to calculate all costs and be able to discuss the causes of variances between forecasted figures and actual results. They will have an appreciation for control systems and their implementations within the hospitality industry.

Management Techniques

First level supervisors and managers are essential to the ongoing success of any hospitality operation. This course will provide the foundation for the ongoing learning process of today’s supervisors and managers. Through class discussions and problem based case studies the student will discover how to deal with the numerous demands placed upon them as supervisors, and learn methods of achieving results through proactive people skills.

Chef's Table-The Big Night

This final course will be a test to all the students. It enables the student to be part of a team that will develop and execute an epicurean adventure, by applying knowledge gained throughout the entire program. The team will be responsible for creating a portfolio complete with theme design, menu creation, costing, marketing, requisitions, food preparation and service planning

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